Assuming the role of a supervisory board, we are ready to share our wide and varied experience in the running of your Company. We offer consultancy for foundations, trusts and companies subject to non-Swiss jurisdictions. Further emphasis is placed on consultancy, particularly in the estates and estate management areas. We work hand in hand with our Commercial Services and Fiduciary Services departments as well as with specialized partners.

Matters of Company Law and Commercial Law

  • Establishing companies within and outside Switzerland
  • Drawing up company by-laws to meet specific requirements
  • Consolidations, group structures, mergers and acquisitions, wind-ups
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Acceptance of supervisory board mandates
  • Crisis management within companies through legal solutions
  • Carrying out mandates in accordance with banking law
  • Administrator mandates and interim management
  • Compliance services
  • Commercial contracts, licence agreements, service and employment contracts
  • Out-of-court settlements


Matrimonial, Family and Inheritance Law, Estate Planning

  • Marriage and inheritance contracts, gift deeds
  • Wills
  • Agreements under matrimonial law
  • Tracing estates and dormant assets
  • Execution of last wills and administration of estates
  • Powers of¬†attorney and living wills (end of life arrangements)
  • Consulting in child and adult protection law


Trust and Foundation Law

  • Consultancy in trust and endowment matters

Immigration Law

  • Obtaining and extending work and residence permits
  • Applications for ordinary and advance settlement permits
  • Family Reunification
  • Marriage Preparations
  • Examination and appeal against the revocation of permits
  • Applications for hardship cases
  • Consultations in connection with naturalization

Tax Law

  • Consultancy concerning corporate structures and tax-related aspects
  • Representation before tax authorities in Switzerland
  • Safeguarding of interests in dealing with tax authorities outside Switzerland
  • Analysis of double tax agreements and their application



  • International network
  • Family Office support