Our services in the field of commerce cover the following areas:

Managing Companies

  • Handling commercial transactions
  • Handling banking transactions, including letters of credit
  • Cash management
  • Organization of business procedures
  • Company administration in English / German / French / Italian for companies located within Switzerland or abroad (including new establishments, company takeovers, and changes in equity)
  • Providing domiciles and company headquarters
  • Consultancy on pension and retirement schemes
  • Acceptance of company management
  • Compliance with SRO guidelines


Family Office

  • Residence and work permit in Switzerland
  • Management and insurance administration
  • Consultancy on real-estate
  • Supervision of banking services
  • Evaluation of transparent and independent services and products in the finance area
  • Asset consultancy

Secretarial Service

  • Qualified secretarial services
  • Administrative services
  • Correspondence in English / German / French / Italian
  • Telephone and postal services